Preparing for a Cold Winter: Winterizing Your Windows & Doors

Preparing for a Cold Winter: Winterizing Your Windows & Doors

The weather experts and the Canadian Farmer’s Almanac are calling for a very cold winter with lots and lots of snow. What’s the secret to staying warm this winter? The focus for this blog redirect your home’s heat. Keeping warm air in and drafts out is the best way to keep your home warm and to do this, you’ll need to do some preparation before the snow hits.

Prepare your windows and doors for winter by:

  • Finding the source of leaks and drafts – check corners or frames using your senses or by holding a lit candle or incense stick in front of the window or door. You may have a draft if the smoke waivers.
  • Correcting drafts can be as easy as applying new caulking, but remember to first scrape away the old caulking, clean and dry the area and then apply fresh caulk around the frame and siding.
  • Weather stripping inside around the seal of your door or window is a great way to help protect your home from drafts.
  • Sometimes a door can become misaligned, which can lead to drafts that let in cold air. Check your door’s alignment and correct it if necessary.

If you’re unable to keep your home warm with the above mentioned quick fixes, then you may need to replace your windows or doors. Although this is an investment in your home, it’s one that will keep your family warm throughout the winter. Plus, the money you save by increasing your energy efficiency will offset the investment over the long run. If you want to prepare your home for a cold winter by staying warmer and lowering your heating bill, get your windows and doors replaced by Thermo-Bilt.


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