Have You Done Your Furnace Maintenance This Winter?

Have You Done Your Furnace Maintenance This Winter?

To ensure you don’t get stuck with a heavy furnace replacement or repair bill, there are tips and tricks you can follow for ongoing  furnace maintenance throughout the year. Some furnace systems are built to require less maintenance, however oil and gas burners require more attention. Contact a professional for help with your furnace maintenance to make sure it is done properly and efficiently.

First, they will take a look around the furnace and ensure there is no loose connections or corrosion present. After checking the thermostat to ensure it is properly calibrated, move onto changing the air filter. The air filter is there to protect the inside of the furnace from collecting any dust or dirt, and the professional will change the filter so there are no air flow obstructions. In addition, the experts will also check the condition of the furnace blower, which is the mechanism that moves the heated air from the furnace, through your house.

All of these steps will be taken during your furnace maintenance service with Air One. If you’re looking for more information on our services, click here. They provide annual furnace maintenance to keep your equipment operating safely and efficiently! Contact them to avoid a breakdown – removing any chance of unexpected and expensive repairs.


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