What You Need to Know About Ice Melt

What You Need to Know About Ice Melt

Most people think that ice melt is merely an umbrella term for any product used for melting snow when in fact it refers to a liquid calcium spread used to de-ice solids. The reason for using an ice melt over rock salt is that it is the most effective method for lowering freezing temperatures of ice as low as -25 degrees Fahrenheit. It is fast acting and makes plowing large commercial areas faster, saving money and time.

There are a variety of ice melts available which all serve for different purposes.  Some you’ll even find are made to be environmentally-friendly and safer for people and pets.  If you are in the industry of snow and ice removal and are dealing with home or business owners that require special consideration for children or pets, speak with a professional and get advice on the best type of ice melt for this purpose.  
Draglam Salt is a reliable source and Ontario’s supplier of choice for ice melt and rock salt services. Snow and ice melt products including bulk salt, bagged salt, and liquid deicing options are available at wholesale prices for quick pick up and delivery. Call their 24-hour salt hotline and speak to a professional who will match you with the best options suitable for the job.


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