Lower Your Bills By Repairing Your Furnace

Lower Your Bills By Repairing Your Furnace

While sometimes it can become obvious that our home has become much colder, it is surprising how long some people wait until calling a professional. Bundling up by adding an extra sweater and thick socks on while indoors, some people may think “did someone turn down the heater?” However, this isn’t always the case, as sometimes the simple answer is that you’re in need of a furnace repair!

As soon as you begin to notice dropping temperatures indoors, take a look at your furnace for signs that you need a repair. Not only will your home become colder, but you may also experience a higher utility bill. Strong smells and loud noises coming from the system are other ways in which you may need a repair.  You may also notice there is uneven heating in your home, whether one room is drastically colder than another, this can also mean there is an issue with the system. Experiencing any of these signs is enough to call a professional, in order to get an expert’s opinion on the state of your furnace.

Depending on the model, furnace’s usually last around 15-20 years. How long have you had yours for? The installation year could influence whether your furnace needs repairs or replacing.
If you’re having difficulty with your furnace contact Air One Heating & Cooling and talk to a professional about any repairs or installations needed!


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