Environmentally Friendly Ways to Repurpose Your Old Windows and Doors

Environmentally Friendly Ways to Repurpose Your Old Windows and Doors

I remember the first day we walked up the cobblestone walkway, past the “FOR SALE” sign pitched right into the perfectly manicured lawn. The front door appeared as if it was once painted with a solid fresh pale blue and now appeared perfectly distressed as if intentionally made to look antique, but this I knew was authentic. It wasn’t far into the tour that we confidently said “we’ll take it”.  

One of the first projects we tackled was replacement windows and doors. We wanted to honor the ‘history’ of the home and embrace the naturally weathered exterior, but as much as we loved the old-world charm it brought to our hearts. We figured our comfort and energy bills would need to come first while living in our new home.  

The bow window we chose for the living area quite literally made the room a lot more spacious, and the casement windows we chose for the kitchen and bedrooms instantly made our home instantly modern and very secure.  

custom window design - mirror.PNG

I could barely bring myself to just toss out the original windows and doors, although they didn’t do a good job of keeping the cold air out; I figured they would do much better as decor.  I converted an old window frame into a mirror by replacing the weathered glass with brand new mirrors, while keeping the original white paint that was now beautifully distressed. As for the original pale blue door that stole my heart from the very beginning, well it’s still on display in front of our home, converted into a sturdy and beautiful porch swing that’s admired by so many each day.

custom window design - mirror2.PNG

If you’re considering replacement windows and doors as your next home improvement job, contact Custom Window Designs in Burlington and the GTA. You can count on our experience and workmanship to make your new home design look just as you had envisioned.


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