4 Quick Signs Your Door Needs Replacing

4 Quick Signs Your Door Needs Replacing

There are lots of aspects of your home that go into its overall curb appeal. Your overall aesthetic depends on your lawn care, decorations, driveway, windows, brick design and front door. While homeowners often focus more on their lawn care and decorations… the front door is often neglected.

It is important to make a good first impression, and your front door is the focal point of that! There are lots of ways you can make that good first impression, with a unique design and colouring that best fits you and your home’s personality.

Not only is the aesthetics of your front door important, but also its functionality. Your front door’s job isn’t only as a gateway for visitors, but also in security and insulation. At Thermo-Bilt, they’ve helped compile a list of signs that your front door isn’t functioning the way it should:

  • It is difficult to lock
  • It is dented or scratched
  • There are cracks and breakages along the hinges of the door
  • The door lets in drafts

Thermo-Bilt Windows and Doors have a lot of different door designs that you will love! Click here to find out more.  For nearly two decades, they have been making sure customer’s homes are safe, environmentally-friendly, comfortable and aesthetically pleasing! Click here for prices, designs, and additional information about what they do. 


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