What Makes a Furnace “High-Efficiency”?

What Makes a Furnace “High-Efficiency”?

Almost all major household electronics are labelled “high-efficiency” but how would you know for sure that a furnace is in fact high-efficiency before purchasing it.  Here’s what you can look for:

  1. The very first quality of a high-efficiency furnace is that it uses less fuel and electricity to produce heat.
  2. The furnace should be equipped with a electronic ignition as opposed to a pilot light.
  3. “Two stage heating” is another quality of a high-efficiency furnace.  The lower stage heating will produce heat at a lower level and unless temperatures drop drastically, the higher stage of motor heat will turn on to heat your home evenly.
  4. Check to see if your new furnace has a variable speed functionality – meaning the motor will run constantly at a lower, more energy efficient speed and only increase the speed when needed.
  5. Most high efficiency furnaces have a sealed combustion chamber that will draw outside air into a smaller sealed off area in the furnace called a “combustion chamber”.  The benefit of this is that it takes in cooler air from outside instead of drawing hot air from indoors. It’s considerably safer and conserves energy by not feeding the furnace with air it already worked hard to make warm.

While the average homeowner may not be an overnight expert on furnaces, it is important to consider these qualities before the installation of your new HVAC. Contact the experts at Aire One to find out which options would best suit your home.



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