Installing Windows and Doors in Oakville

Installing Windows and Doors in Oakville

Installing new windows and doors in your home is a big decision. Deciding the perfect design that will flow with the rest of your home’s aesthetic can be a tough decision trying to make sure everything flows nicely.

Custom Window Designs is recognized for over 34 years as experienced and affordable installers in the Oakville area. They understand how big of a decision these installations can be, which is why they ensure all of their customer’s questions are answered beforehand. When you check their website, they list some frequently asked questions by customers. All answers come from their professional employees. Here are some examples:

Q: How do I clean vinyl?

A: With vinyl windows, contaminants and dirt can be removed by using a mild detergent and water. Use a soft rag to wash the window, then rinse it off with clean water and wipe it dry.

Q: How do I clean the glass in my window?

A: Use a common household cleaner or a mild detergent to clean the glass surface by using a soft cloth or paper towel. Then try your window to ensure no streaks are left behind.
Vinyl windows are a popular choice for homeowners to have a fresh and clean look to their home. The benefits include lower energy costs, maintenance and scratch free, inexpensive installation, and it comes with a variety of colour, size and style options.

Contact your local Oakville windows and doors experts at Custom Window Designs.


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