How To Measure For Replacement Doors

How To Measure For Replacement Doors

Here are a few steps to simplify measuring the area for replacements doors:

  1. Start with a picture of the door that you can use as a diagram for documented measurements. You can take this with you when shopping for replacement doors.  You can print out a photo of the door (easiest) or draw it out.
  2. Start labeling your photo of the door, left or right knob and in or out swing, this will come in handy when you’re shopping for doors.
  3. Using the photo or diagram to document the measurements. Start measuring the doors width, height, and thickness.
  4. Not measuring at of the door materials, measure the door jamb, the wood the frame that surrounds the door.
  5. Just in case, take down the measurements for height and width of the framed door space –  NOT including any trim materials.

With this sort of information on hand, you shouldn’t have any problems finding a replacement door that fits your needs.
Need more information on the planning and design of your new doors? Contact
Thermo-Bilt to connect with our professionals who can help you make your home improvement ideas into reality.  Get a free quote today!


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