Winter Tires vs. All Seasons

Winter Tires vs. All Seasons

According to Canada’s ‘famous’ groundhog, we should expect and early spring this year. However, the harsh winter weather is still ongoing on Ontario, and won’t expect to ease up until March. In these current freezing conditions, winter tires should be installed on every family’s car to enhance safety and security while driving. Winter tires reek many benefits for its users. Offering up to 50% more traction than all-season tires, Canada’s Tire and Rubber Association found that despite this information only 51% of Canadians choose winter tires. Even with this added winter expense to customer’s vehicles, the safety benefits and overall value overcome the costs.

The following are important tips for winter tire installation:

  • install all 4 winter tires
  • use the same make/model/brand for all 4 tires
  • ensure the sizing is correct
  • average pricing is $120-200 per tire
  • make sure to maintain proper tire pressure
  • consider purchasing rims
  • contact a professional to install your tires

Customers recognize the benefits from the quality tires and professional services offered from the Xtreme Tire Garage. They understand the importance of safety and consult Xtreme Tire for winter tire installation, and again in the spring for summer tire installation. Mississauga tires is one title Xtreme Tire is recognized for providing top quality, quick service, and excellent expertise for its customers.


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