What Are Door and Window Casings?

What Are Door and Window Casings?

Casings are a finishing touch to door and window installations. It is the molding that frames the door and window on the inside of the home; sealing the door and window to the walls of the house so that outside air doesn’t seep through. The casings are typically the last part of a home renovation project, like putting the frosting on a cake. Any renovation project is not complete until the casings are installed. For a complete design of door and window casings, you’ll typically notice that the baseboard design will be made to compliment the casing designs in the home for a finished and distinctive look.

The design options for door and window casings are endless! From traditional casings flanked by shutters to more elaborate designs in thicker molding, which you would typically find in Victorian style homes. Homeowners that are looking to take on a new home improvement job will certainly consider the casings to be a crucial part of the design as it is the element that will truly tie in the overall design of the room.

Not sure where to start? Crown Cornice can walk you through all the different designs available and help you make your design ideas become a reality. Contact Crown Cornice, located in Mississauga and servicing the GTA to get started!



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