How to Remove Oil Spills on Interlocking Driveways

How to Remove Oil Spills on Interlocking Driveways

Typically, a good sweeping and occasional powerwash is all you’ll need to maintain your interlocking driveway in pristine condition, but what happens when your vehicle accidentally spills oil your driveway? It happens! Your car might be leaking oil – although that is a problem of it’s own – you’re probably more concerned about your interlocking driveway being stained and ruined. First thing’s first: move your car off your driveway until the oil leak is repaired.

The good thing is, unlike paved driveways, you won’t need to rip up the whole driveway to cover oil spills. On interlocking driveways, you can remove stain blocks and replace them with new ones – easy peasy! If you’ve run out of spare blocks, get in contact with your contractor who completed your driveway and ask them if they are able to supply the blocks you need. Always ask you contractor to leave behind spare blocks after they install your new driveway.

Another home method is to use kitty litter or some other industrial strength absorbent material to apply to the oil spot, leave on for at least 15-20 minutes. Sweep the sand away and repeat. Then, soak the stain with some environmentally friendly degreaser and put down another layer of kitty litter or absorption material. Sweep away excess and power wash.

Of course, the easiest and quickest method is to replace the oil stained stones. For more information on interlocking driveways, contact Synergy Contracting located in Mississauga and servicing all areas of the GTA.


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