Opening The Pool For Summer Fun!

Opening The Pool For Summer Fun!

Adding pool maintenance to your list of things to do in the summer can be overwhelming! I know that in the summer I would rather spend more time in my pool, than cleaning it. Usually around the May long weekend, I grab my supplies and open up the pool for the summer season. I begin by draining the pool cover, removing the pool cover, and then inspect the filter and pump for any damages. Next, I raise the pool level back to the average level, then change and clean the filter. As I always winterize my pool for freezing conditions, as the weather in Niagara can get quite cold, the next steps are necessary.

  • reconnect pool equipment
  • remove winter plugs, reattach the drain plugs
  • clear antifreeze from drain
  • remove winterizing plugs
  • turn equipment back on
  • circulate the filtration systems, using Metal Free to prevent any staining
  • test pool chemistry

Finally, I clean the pool using a vacuum. In addition to my pool opening and closing schedule, I ensure it receives the proper weekly maintenance. All of these pool essentials can be done yourself, and can involve quick and easy steps once you get the hang of it. However, on busy summer weeks or vacation time, you can also get a professional to ensure the pool maintenance steps are completed.

The professionals I always contact in the Niagara region for my pool maintenance is Total Pro Pools. Contact them for more information on pool maintenance, opening and closing. 

And get ready for the summer!  


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