My Thermo-Bilt Summer Plans

My Thermo-Bilt Summer Plans

This summer, I plan on changing the windows of our home. Here are the designs being considered, and the decisions I made.

In the front living, there is space for either a bow or bay window to be installed. A Bay window has multiple openings (usually 3), while a bow has more (usually 4-5). A bay window has a larger picture window in the front, with two other smaller windows on each side. Meanwhile, a bow window is curved, giving the home a round appearance. In the end, I decided to go with the Bay window to draw more light into the room, and give it an open-concept feeling.

Next, for the kitchen and bedrooms, I considered a double slider, single slider, and awning windows. A double slider has two movable sides, a single slider only has one, and the awning window opens from the bottom, outward. I decided to install a single slider in the bedrooms. I found the single slider best suited the bedroom style, as only one side would be needed for air flow. However, in the kitchen I wanted to have a higher ventilation efficiency and versatility in keeping the window open on rainy days.

I decided to use Thermo-Bilt to provide me with our choice of windows. They were exceptional as they had friendly and experienced staff, as well as affordable pricing. I now recommend Thermo-Bilt to all of our friends looking for similar renovations.


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