Get Help Installing Window and Door Casings

Get Help Installing Window and Door Casings

Last week, I started a new project on a client’s home. After replacing the windows in the kitchen and living room, as well as changing the back door to a sliding glass door two months ago, I decided it was time to change the casing on them as well.

After doing some research about the steps involved, I’ve created the following list of key factors:

  • Measure the dimensions of the door & window
    • Golden rule: measure twice, cut once
  • Visit your local hardware store to buy pre-cut door/window casing bases
    • Paint the casing beforehand as they are often difficult to paint afterwards
  • After nailing the bases to the wall, add the vertical cases on top
  • Leave a small gap inbetween, which will them be caulked and painted over in order to make it all look like its one piece
  • Finish the job with final touch ups

Renovating homes allows me to complete it with the exact vision I have in mind. However, this isn’t always a reality for everyone. Sometimes, the time and money it takes to finish the job, especially for those doing door and window casing for their first time isn’t worth it! This is when I’d recommend bringing in a professional to do the job. A service that I trust is Crown Cornice, as they focus on providing a high quality service and open communication – so my vision is always achieved with their help.


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