Pool Opening: The Do’s and Don’ts

Pool Opening: The Do’s and Don’ts

Opening my pool every year can be a daunting task. Last year, while completing regular pool maintenance, I made a few mistakes. After doing further research, I found that these mistakes were quite common, and experienced by other pool owners.  Learning from my mistakes I’ve compiled a list of the common pool owner mistakes. The dos and don’ts of pool maintenance:

  • DO NOT ignore low pH levels in the pool as this means the water is very acidic and can be damaging for the pool filter, pump, liner, heater, chemical feeder, and more!
  • DO run the pool filter and pump for at least 8 hours a day
  • DO NOT neglect testing the pool’s water weekly
  • DO after the pool opening, allow the cover to dry before storing in order to prevent mildew from building up
  • DO NOT add shock immediately, let the water circulate for half a day before adding chemical treatments. When adding it, do not add it directly to the water and let it dissolve beforehand.

Experienced with pool opening in the Niagara Region, I have made some mistakes and learned from them. My biggest takeaway is to do the proper research before any maintenance, or seasonal openings and closings. Or during busy times, I contact Total Pro Pools for my pool opening, as they’re experienced and provide high quality services in the Niagara Region!


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