Choosing Thermo-Bilt Windows For A Client’s Home

Choosing Thermo-Bilt Windows For A Client’s Home

I currently have a client that needs renovations for their living room. The living room will be painted an Ammonite, Farrow & Ball shade of grey as it gives an overall warm and inviting effect. I’ll be adding Maple Plank hardwood flooring and an area rug for comfort. The room will be completed with a camelback sofa; with two armchairs. The house has an open concept to the dining room, which includes a sparkling chandelier and wood table. I am left with the final decision: windows!

I am left deciding on which window design to choose to install with Thermo-Bilt. Deciding between a bow and bay window I have listed the features of both below:

Bow Window

A bow window is a type of window that will add graceful curves to the home with 4 more glass plates than a bay window joined together. It will be placed front and centre, a key feature for the home’s overall curb appeal. Forming a unique turret shape, the window can be wrapped around the corner of the building. Finally, bow windows allow more light into the window because they have more glass panes.

Bay Window

A bay window is two angled windows that can be square, hexagonal or octagonal in shape. It combines 3 or more windows together to give maximum comfort, visibility and ventilation. It offers an extended view, natural lighting, and additional space for any seating or storage that I want to add.
After some deliberation, I’ve decided to go with the bow window. I like the look of the extra glass plates. Time to start the renovations with Thermo-Bilt!  


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