The Top Signs You Need to Replace Your Windows

The Top Signs You Need to Replace Your Windows

There are lots of options if you’re a homeowner looking for windows or window replacements in Burlington. Sometimes the signs for damaged windows can be visible, but sometimes they can be difficult to detect.

Here are the top signs that indicate it’s time you need window replacements:


this can lead to higher utility bills due to the loss of heating/cooling within the house. Replacing any cracks, or having the fix the entire window’s base, this will help homeowners save money on utility bills.

Condensation and Fog

This is likely as a result of outdated windows. More recently built windows have tighter weather-stripping, insulation, and vapor barriers. However, this could also be due to excess humidity in the home that could be adjusted with indoor temperature monitoring and ventilation.

Rot or Mold

This is a sign that replacement windows are needed, as rot and mold can add dangerous toxins to the home. Rotting and mold can be due to moisture within the home, so when replacing the window, the issue with moisture must also be dealt with.

Cracked Caulking

After discussing the solutions with a professional, cracked caulking can be dealt with simple repairs if the damage is not too serious.

Custom Window Designs specializes in all things windows for all residents of Burlington. They are an experienced team dedicated to giving homeowners their ideal aesthetic.


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