3 Ways Replacement Windows Add Value To Your Home

3 Ways Replacement Windows Add Value To Your Home

In every homeowner’s lifetime there will reach a time for replacement windows. Sometimes the signs can be obvious. Sometimes they can go undetected. Getting replacement windows will add value to your home, increase security measures, and decrease expensive utility bills.

The following are some key factors to recognize when it is time for replacement windows:

Visible damages

Noticing any cracks could mean the window simply needs new weatherstripping or hardware. In this case, a repair may be the primary solution. However, sometimes the best solution is a full replacement to ensure these cracks and damages don’t resurface.

Cost Savings

Window replacements can also offer reduced energy bills. Research shows that higher quality windows can help reduce the cost of energy bills by 10-25%. Over time this will cause a significant drop your in yearly bills. 

Improved Aesthetic

When considering selling a home, new windows will help increase the home’s overall value and  aesthetic. Having new windows gives buyers a quick selling feature that move-in ready!

Thermo-Bilt is recognized in the GTA as the primary provider for window maintenance and installation. When deciding between window replacement options, Thermo-Bilt offers casement, single hung, double hung, awning, single slider, double slider, bow and bay windows. This variety will not only make the benefits of replacement worth it, but also will help give a much needed makeover to the home!


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