Ways to Boost Your Snow Removal Business During Off Season

Ways to Boost Your Snow Removal Business During Off Season

For many businesses, it is normal to experience a fluctuation with the number of sales during any particular season, whether it’s due to holidays or weather related. For example, retail stores can see a peak with sales during Christmas while landscapers prepare for their busiest season around Memorial Day in Ontario. Adversely, snow removal businesses are on low season during the Spring and Summer.

If you own a snow removal business but aren’t taking on any landscaping ventures during the summer: what can you do during slower seasons? (besides waiting for things to pick up again?) Well, the fact that you do have some off time could be very beneficial for the business, the key is not to lose the momentum you gained from your busiest times.  

While your service is still fresh in the mind of your clients, use these tips for boosting your snow removal business during off-season:

  • Reach out to your customers with offers or discounts on early bookings for next year.
  • Improve your business’ efficiency by investing in a computer software program that will allow you to better manage your growing customer base next season.  There will be plenty of time during off-season to learn how to use the new software, input data, and train staff.
  • Create a referral campaign. Offer your existing customers some sort of benefit for referring another business to yours.
  • Revamp your pricing. Review your finances over the past season, compared to your competitors and consider whether or not your pricing model needs a few adjustments.
  • Restock your products and supplies. Being prepared for the following season is crucial to getting ahead of your competition. For those in the industry, they understand how salt shortages can be damaging for businesses.  

You can pre-order your supply of road salt from Draglam Salt by November 17th to guarantee supply for the following season. Draglam Salt is Ontario’s supplier of choice for bagged and bulk road salts, with strategically located depots for prompt service, including delivery.  To arrange supply of road salt for your snow removal business, contact Draglam Salt’s 24-hour service line at 1.888.907.SALT(7258).


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