The Basics: What You Need To Know About Interlocking Steps

The Basics: What You Need To Know About Interlocking Steps

When looking for the best contractor for interlocking steps in the West GTA, Synergy Contracting is the perfect solution! Not only providing exceptional service, they also focus on customer needs and understandings. They provide a detailed outline of the process when adding interlocking steps, so you can follow along closely with any project.

Interlocking 101:

Plan your design

In this step, homeowners can plan and decide exactly where the stones will be placed on the property, and the overall ‘look’. Important things to think about in this step are the areas where there are roots from surrounding trees, which can cause problems for placing in the stones.


When excavating, there will be a larger space taken out then were the stones are actually placed. For example, if the paving stones will only be used for walking on you only need to excavate about 4-6″ if the will be used for parking a vehicle on it is best to excavate 8-12.″

Add paving stone base

The base will comprise of ¾ crushed gravel and HPB (high performance bedding) which will be used for levelling. This step is important as the base will affect how the stones will be put in place, and how they will look.

Install paving stones

In this step, the interlocking will be placed into a decided pattern by the homeowner. Factoring in price, it is important to also choose a design that bests suits the homeowner as it will be in place for a long time.


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