Make Your Home Cleaner with HVAC Cleaning

Make Your Home Cleaner with HVAC Cleaning

Did you know that on average 25 to 40 percent of energy used for heating and cooling is wasted? The cause of this waste is built up from dust and contaminants that cause heating and cooling systems to work harder – often shortening the lifespan of the system. When dander, dust, and chemicals are pulled into an HVAC system they are re-circulated 5-7 times per day, on average. A contaminated HVAC system doesn’t necessarily mean unhealthy air, it just means that inhabitants are exposed to “dirty” air, which can cause problems for people with respiratory conditions.

When an HVAC system is clean, home owners can breathe clean air and their system works more efficiently, resulting in reduced energy use and improved cost effectiveness. Having an HVAC cleaning is suggested for every two to five years and having a professional come in to assess your system will help inform you of the condition of your HVAC system. Additionally, an HVAC inspector will assess the cleanliness and structural integrity of your system and complete a cleaning, if required.

Having an HVAC cleaning completed by Aire One’s licensed and professional contractors will ensure your system runs efficiently. Aire One also provides a wide choice of solutions to help clean and purify your air quality to the level you require. Whether you require an HVAC cleaning or equipment such as air cleaners, humidifiers, or ventilators; Aire One is the local expert you can count on. Contact Aire One today for a FREE home assessment or HVAC cleaning!


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