A New HVAC Installation Will Lower Your Home’s Bills

A New HVAC Installation Will Lower Your Home’s Bills

Energy costs in Ontario continue to rise, and many residents are seeking ways to save money where possible. It may seem contradictory to invest in an HVAC system, but this piece of equipment can have positive effects in homes, as well as on energy bills. Air quality in homes can often be lower quality than outside. Factors such as appliances, electric static, and congested airflow can cause colds to linger longer and increase the severity of allergies.

An HVAC system can improve indoor air quality by exchanging, and filtering indoor air for outdoor fresh air. Cost may be initially higher for HVAC installation but the energy savings over time is more cost effective, with heating and cooling being in one unit. Fluctuating seasons can also result in trapped moisture, and if not filtered properly, can cause mold. By investing in HVAC installation the system consistently pulls warm, moist air out and replaces with dry, cool air. Models such as “single zone” require similar heating and cooling vents in rooms that are all regulated by a thermostat. Whereas, “multiple zones” allows each area to have a different temperature regulated with different thermostats.

HVAC installation is a benefit to the comfort and overall value of your home. If you are looking to invest in an HVAC system to improve the comfort of your home, then contact Aire One today! With over 25 years of experience, and trained and licensed technicians, Aire One will ensure your HVAC installation is one that will last!


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