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Preventing Winter Lawn Damage

Preventing Winter Lawn Damage

During the winter your lawn and grass are dormant. Which means your grass is now easier to maintain because it doesn’t need to be mowed and most of your leaves are already mulched or removed. However, as your lawn is no longer growing its shoots, it’s also not repairing itself as actively. So, during the winter months take into consideration these top ways to protect your lawn so that it looks its best in the spring. Here are three good rules of thumb to protect your lawn during the winter:

Minimize Foot Traffic

Do not walk on your lawn when frost is present. Repetitive foot traffic can increase the compaction in your lawn, and increase the wear on your grass. Depending on the extent of the damage, it may take your lawn a few weeks to repair itself in the spring, or it may require core aeration and reseeding. It is especially important to stay off your lawn when the grass is frozen because foot traffic at this time can significantly damage the grass blade and even kill the plant altogether. In severe cases, footprints may linger in the grass and even turn brown.

Keep Salt Off Your Lawn

Use ice melt products containing calcium magnesium acetate (CMA) instead of salt or fertilizer. These products are much safer for your lawn and the environment. Road salt and ice melt can adjust the pH of your soil and result in damage or dead turf. Fertilizer should be avoided because the dormant turf will not absorb the fertilizer. The fertilizer will run-off leading to groundwater pollution. If you do use salt, thoroughly water the damaged areas two to three times in the spring to move the salt out of the soil.

Mark Your Driveway for Plowing

Before plowing mark the boundaries of your sidewalk and driveway with stakes. This will lessen the likelihood of accidentally plowing your lawn and landscaping. You can use small boundary and irrigation marking flags, or wooden stakes, as long as they will still be visible after the snow falls. These supplies are available at most hardware and home improvement stores. If you have sensitive plants near your driveway, you may want to place a barrier between them and the driveway to physically keep the salt from getting on the plants.

Want more information about preventing winter lawn damage? Want to improve your grass for the spring? Contact Weed-A-Way, the lawn care professionals that will ensure your lawn stays its greenest and healthiest all season long.

Winter Lawn Preparation: Your 3 Step Guide

Winter Lawn Preparation: Your 3 Step Guide

Now that fall is upon us, it’s an important time to start thinking about preparing your lawn for the winter. Many homeowners are under the misconception that they can put lawn care on the backburner during this time of year, however, the opposite is true. During the autumn, your lawn is absorbing all the moisture and nutrients it needs in order to survive the long and harsh winter in Mississauga.

Simply follow this 3 step guide to winter lawn preparation and ensure you are rewarded with a gorgeous, lush lawn by the time the spring rolls around:

Mow mindfully

Throughout the fall, continue to mow your lawn normally. Once winter starts approaching, drop the lawn mower to the lowest blade setting for the last couple cuttings of the year. This ensures more sunlight can reach the crown of the grass and reduces browning throughout the winter months.

Rake the leaves

Removing leaves from your grass as quickly as possible is vital in maintaining the health of your lawn. When the leaves become wet from rain or moisture in the air, they stick together and form a coating over the grass that can breed fungus and be detrimental to the health of your lawn when left untended.

Aerate the soil

It’s important to aerate your lawn before winter so that fertilizer, water, and oxygen can reach the roots of your grass. A landscaping contractor will have a lawn aerator and can get the job done fairly quickly.

There are many other aspects of winter lawn preparation to take into accounts such as fertilization and weed control so it’s important to hire a professional landscaping contractor to do the job. If you live in the Mississauga area, trust Cedar Grounds Maintenance with all your winter lawn preparation and landscaping needs.

3 Reasons Why Commercial Landscaping Is Important

3 Reasons Why Commercial Landscaping Is Important

There is great value in having a presentable indoor office space, for both employees and visiting clients, but a well-manicured outdoor space is also greatly important. Clients, prospective employees, business partners, and those passing by will often a judge a company (if their logo is outside) by the presentation of the building and commercial landscaping. Some may not see the value in investing in professional commercial maintenance but in addition to the curb appeal, landscape design matters. Here are 3 reasons why commercial maintenance of landscape design is important:

Preserve Nature

In many industrial office spaces, there will still be trees and plants because it helps create an important balance. Green spaces are proven to help humans relax, and they also add a pleasing aesthetic to industrial architecture.

Employee & Visitor Safety 

Ensuring that walkways are stable and clear is of great importance for daily traffic and building retaining walls, if necessary due to the natural landscape of the area, helps protect from any natural shifting of eroding soil.

Management of Natural Elements

Along with guaranteeing employees and visitors have easy access to and from the office it is important to know how to manage natural elements, such as storm water. Landscaping can be planned in a manner to safeguard from excessive amounts of water by developing an adequate runoff system.

Landscaping is done best when it reflects your business’s’ brand identity and when you hire a full service and reputable company. Contact Cedar Grounds Maintenance to discuss your customized project!

Synergy Contracting: 3 Benefits of Interlocking Patios

Synergy Contracting: 3 Benefits of Interlocking Patios

Summer is right around the corner and that means it’s time for patio season! Whether you’re looking to entertain guests, throw a family barbecue, or soak up some sun alone, it’s important to consider a few key factors before you start work on your new patio. One of the most important decisions you’ll make is choosing a paving material and luckily, the choice is an easy one!

Here are the top 3 reasons you should go with an interlocking patio:


Because of its low initial cost, concrete and asphalt are popular choices, but don’t be fooled! Both tend to crack relatively easily, and asphalt softens in higher temperatures. Interlocking patios, on the other hand, are far less likely to crack, chip, or shrink. Plus, you can just remove and replace one stone if it’s damaged rather than having to incur the expensive cost of resurfacing the entire patio.


Unlike other materials that have extremely limited colour choices and can’t really be customized to suit your tastes, interlocking stones come in a vast variety of colour combinations and finishes. Best of all, they can be placed in an endless assortment of patterns for a highly customizable design.


A major advantage of using interlocking for your patio is the low maintenance it requires. Asphalt, concrete, and brick all stain very easily and require a powerwash to properly clean. Interlocking patios wear much better than their counterparts – a quick rainfall is enough to keep it looking pristine.

With its durability, visual appeal, and low maintenance, it’s clear that going with an interlocking patio is a no-brainer! Visit wwww.synergycontracting.ca to build the patio of your dreams!