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HVAC Contractor: How To Pick One You Can Trust

HVAC Contractor: How To Pick One You Can Trust

In an era of “do it yourself-ers,” people have are always motivated to take on many home projects themselves. Often times, it’s a benefit to both one’s self esteem and budget, but at times it’s always best to hire a pro.

Even when hiring a professional contractor, the same risks can arise: delays, sub-par work, and higher budgets. So it’s important to select the right contractor; one you can build a professional relationship with. A contractor will have access to your home and often be around your family, so when selecting a contractor make sure to do your background work.

Make sure you have complete trust in the contractor and ensure that they are licensed to work in your area, bonded, and insured. Have a detailed contract in place before any work starts and set guidelines for working in and around your home. Review testimonials of the contractor’s previous work, and most importantly, make sure they are experts in the project at hand.

When it comes to HVAC instructions, Aire One is the HVAC contractor you can trust. They have 25 years of excellence and quality workmanship has positioned them as a leader in the HVAC industry. All their HVAC contractors are experienced, bonded, and factory trained and licensed. Furthermore, Aire One has won several awards from recognized leaders of the industry for their achievements and exceptional loyal and dedicated customer service (such as Lennox Customer Service Awards.)

You can always count on Aire One’s HVAC Contractors!

What Your HVAC Contractor Should Know

What Your HVAC Contractor Should Know

On average, a furnace usually lasts 15-20 years. Heat pumps last 16 years and air conditioning systems last 10-15 years. Knowing when these systems were last installed will ensure the HVAC contractor is called in for an inspection at the right time. Leaving a damaged system for too long can cause it to completely break down, resulting in a full HVAC installation. When it comes to costly repairs, it is important to call an experienced, trustworthy and knowledgeable HVAC contractor.

During HVAC installation, the following are some common mistakes to avoid:

  • Installing the wrong furnace size: ensure the HVAC contractor is recommending the right brand and size for the space available. Ensure the right calculations are done.
  • Wrong duct system: the duct system needs to be designed for the space available and the equipment installed. Ensure the duct system is changed and not leaking.
  • Incorrect exhaust: Ensure the exhaust flue/damper is the right size, so fumes and other toxins don’t accumulate around the house.
  • Blocked vents: Ensure the air vents have the proper breathability, or the HVAC system’s lifespan may shorten due to excessive effort.

All of these mistakes can be avoided with the use of a professional HVAC contractor like those at Air One. Using a professional service team that recognizes the customers needs, will help reduce any stress that comes with a costly repair.