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Synergy Contracting: 3 Benefits of Interlocking Patios

Synergy Contracting: 3 Benefits of Interlocking Patios

Summer is right around the corner and that means it’s time for patio season! Whether you’re looking to entertain guests, throw a family barbecue, or soak up some sun alone, it’s important to consider a few key factors before you start work on your new patio. One of the most important decisions you’ll make is choosing a paving material and luckily, the choice is an easy one!

Here are the top 3 reasons you should go with an interlocking patio:


Because of its low initial cost, concrete and asphalt are popular choices, but don’t be fooled! Both tend to crack relatively easily, and asphalt softens in higher temperatures. Interlocking patios, on the other hand, are far less likely to crack, chip, or shrink. Plus, you can just remove and replace one stone if it’s damaged rather than having to incur the expensive cost of resurfacing the entire patio.


Unlike other materials that have extremely limited colour choices and can’t really be customized to suit your tastes, interlocking stones come in a vast variety of colour combinations and finishes. Best of all, they can be placed in an endless assortment of patterns for a highly customizable design.


A major advantage of using interlocking for your patio is the low maintenance it requires. Asphalt, concrete, and brick all stain very easily and require a powerwash to properly clean. Interlocking patios wear much better than their counterparts – a quick rainfall is enough to keep it looking pristine.

With its durability, visual appeal, and low maintenance, it’s clear that going with an interlocking patio is a no-brainer! Visit wwww.synergycontracting.ca to build the patio of your dreams!





The Best West GTA Interlocking Patio Professionals

The Best West GTA Interlocking Patio Professionals

I love working with my hands outside in the great outdoors. There are many benefits to re-purposing a lifeless patio and upgrading it to an Interlocking Patioboth are environmentally friendly and visually appealing. With Interlocking Patios, you can choose from a variety of design and colour options that will brighten up your curb appeal during all seasons. Some of the environmental benefits to this approach are that this design effectively stores and treats runoff and requires low maintenance, because if one stone is chipped it can be easily removed and replaced. Overall, by choosing to add interlocking stones to your patio, you’re choosing durability, cost effectiveness, beauty and environmentally conscious approach.

With the right expertise your patio can be created with the most up-to-date materials and styles, installed by experienced craftsmen and tradesmen. Synergy Contracting is familiar with these benefits, as they’ve built up strong relationships with their customers by recommending this patio style. By using only premium quality materials, they ensure that your new interlocking patio will increase the beauty and value of your property for the long run.

If I had to choose a reliable company specializing in interlocking, I’d always choose Synergy Contracting. They are recognized as one of the best West GTA Interlocking Patio Professionals by many people who emphasize the benefits of choosing local professionals.When your hire a professional, you’re ensured to be getting quality and experienced work done to your patio. Looking up customer testimonials, you can see why they’re known as the interlocking patio professionals for the Greater Toronto Area, as their experiences highlight expertise, attentiveness, and a hardworking team.