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3 Reasons to Update Your Windows and Doors

3 Reasons to Update Your Windows and Doors

Are you considering giving the exterior of your property a makeover? Do you like saving money? Do you want to keep old man winter out this season? Well, the fall is the perfect time to do all these things by replacing your existing windows and doors. Here are a few reasons why undertaking this project will be beneficial to you and your home.

Lost Energy, Means Lost Money

Do you feel drafts in your home? Do your heating bills seem to go up every year? The problem could be your old or neglected windows. Although the cost of windows varies by size, style and quality, one thing you should make sure of no matter what windows you choose is that they are energy efficient. Look for windows that have the ENERGY STAR sticker on them. According to the Efficient Window Collaborative, the average 2,600-square-foot home can save around 15% on their energy bill annually by replacing all its windows with energy efficient windows.

Doors have the same issues that windows do, only they are obviously much larger, which means more heat can escape if they’re not sealed properly. Make sure you replace them as well, for peace of mind that your home is fully insulated, and that your money isn’t seeping out the cracks.

The best place to buy energy efficient windows is a discount window and door store. Why pay more at a big box store for window and doors? A great example of a place to check out is Thermo Bilt Windows & Doors. Besides saving money on your heating bills, their windows are factory-direct, which means there is no middleman to increase costs or cause delays.

Add Value to Your Home

According to the Remodeling Impact Report, which assesses the value of various house renovations, you can recoup around 80% of your investment in replacing your windows and doors.

If you’re selling your house, curb appeal plays a major role in getting potential buyers to consider looking at your property. The same remodelling report found that 96% of realtors suggested to sellers that they should update or replace outside elements of their home for better curb appeal. If the outside looks inviting, people are more inclined to want to see the inside, and your front door is one of the first things potential buyers will see.

Give Your House a Makeover

If you are planning on staying in your home, then why not have it look as beautiful as possible? Generally, the first thing people see when they look at a house is the doors and windows, which can be an eyesore or a point of envy. For example, the of a new door can offer people a slight glimpse into your personality, and what type of home is behind that door.

If you plan on replacing your old windows and doors, again, consider your options and budget. Do your homework online to find the best price, and don’t underestimate places that offer discount window and doors. Doors and windows help you get the most out of your home, whether you plan on selling it or living there for years.

Things to Know About Replacing Windows in Older Homes

Things to Know About Replacing Windows in Older Homes

Have you ever heard the saying, “They don’t build ‘em like they used to”?  Most people are fond of this saying and can agree that most things, like furniture pieces built as early as 10 to 15 years ago come with the sort of built in quality, authenticity, and vintage charm you can’t easily find nowadays.  The same is true for older homes, they have certain benefits that new homes just can’t compete with such as, architectural details, character, a solid foundations, and a price that will likely fit the budget initially.  

First time home buyers often find themselves gravitating towards older homes for these reasons however, older homes do pose new challenges for homeowners that haven’t yet planned or anticipated for the true cost of the home after necessary renovations to keep the home looking modern and functioning like a brand new home.

One of the first and most important renovation jobs that a homeowner can take on in an older home is replacement windows as it is vital for comfort, security, and to control energy costs.  Making the decision to move forward with replacement windows is the easy part bearing all the benefits, including the fact that it instantly boosts the overall aesthetic of the home and can increase its value.  Knowing which windows to choose or where to start looking is often the part that gets new homeowners full of questions.

How much does it cost for replacement windows?

The cost really does vary depending on a few factors however, replacing a standard-size, double-hung, double-pane (energy efficient), vinyl window, expect to pay between $300 and $700, including installation. This assumes that the replacement window is going into an existing and structurally sound frame on a ground floor. Replacing windows in a typical three-bedroom, single-story home with ten windows can cost from $3,000 to $7,000.

Do new windows actually save you money?

In the long-term, new energy-efficient windows can certainly help you save money on your energy bill. Windows provide our homes with light, warmth, and ventilation, but they can also negatively impact a home’s energy efficiency by letting warm air escape in the winter and vice versa during warmer months. You can reduce energy costs by installing energy-efficient windows in your home.

What challenges come with replacement windows on older homes?

The age of your home often has more to do with whether you need to replace your windows, than the condition of your existing windows. Your window may appear to be functioning but your energy bill shows otherwise. This is because the wall structure often suffers more from a broken seal than the actual window unit. While the window itself may not show signs of damage, the studs and headers surrounding it may very well be worn out by rot and moisture. A big problem for window installers and homeowners is that this damage may not be detected for many years until the existing window is removed and the renovations is already underway.  These projects require the extra care and expertise of professional window installers.

For more information on replacement window professionals in Markham and the surrounding areas, contact Thermo-Bilt Windows and Doors to get a free quote for your home today.

5 Signs You Should Replace Your Windows

5 Signs You Should Replace Your Windows

For most homeowners, the world of window replacement is a complete mystery. In many cases, it can be pretty obvious when it’s time to replace your windows, but in other situations, it’s harder to tell. If you’re on the fence, these 5 signs should give you a clearer indication as to whether or not it’s time to get the ball rolling.

You find them hard to open and shut.

Hinges and latches can rust over time and window frames tend to shift preventing the window sash (the movable panels that forms the frame) from moving. These types of problems generally necessitate a full replacement as opposed to a repair.

The glass feels cold to the touch.

While single-pane windows will always feel cold to the touch regardless of their condition, the double-paned variety should only feel moderately cold even if it is very cold outside.

You have a high energy bill.

If you are finding your energy bill to be abnormally high despite having repaired your windows, it might be time to invest in new ones.

You feel drafts in your home.

Even small fractures in the glass of your window and cracks in the frame can let in a chilly breeze in your house in the winter.

Painting and repairing them would not fix the problem.

Evaluate the condition of your windows. If the paint is peeling and the wood looks like it’s rotting and falling apart, it becomes more cost-effective to replace the windows rather than try to salvage them.

If you’re in the Burlington area and notice these signs, it’s probably time to replace your windows. Head to the Custom Window Designs to get a free quote on your new replacement windows.

3 Things To Consider Before Installing New Windows

3 Things To Consider Before Installing New Windows

Upgrading or replacing your windows is a hefty task. It’s important to take some time to do your research before diving in to ensure you get the desired results you want. Here are 3 things you should take into consideration when choosing new windows for your home:

Natural Light

Allowing for more natural light in your home can really help your space feel open and inviting. Many older homes tend to have fewer windows that are relatively tiny. If you’re looking to create a warmer ambiance in your home and bring in more natural light, you may want to consider increasing the size of existing openings to allow for a larger window with more visible glass.


It’s important to pick a design that will complement your home, but it’s easier said than done. Envisioning what everything will look like can be difficult, especially if you’re replacing a few windows at a time. Be sure to speak to a professional you trust to get their advice on what will and won’t work, so you can get a clearer picture before getting started. While you might have an idea as to what colour and design you want, professional advice takes into consideration the material and style that will best suit your needs.

Energy Efficiency

In Mississauga, we’re certainly not strangers to cold, harsh winters. But climate aside, the insulation capabilities of your windows plays an important role in improving energy efficiency. Most windows are manufactured to optimize energy usage so you can reduce your energy consumption while ensuring your home is comfortable year round.

Remember, windows can dramatically change the look of your residence so be sure to hire a contractor you can trust. If you’re in Mississauga, visit Custom Window Designs to get a free estimate on your new replacement windows for your home.