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Winter Pool Closing: Do I Need A Pool Cover

Winter Pool Closing: Do I Need A Pool Cover


The pool closing process is a sad but clear indicator that summer is over and freezing temperatures, snowstorms, and ice are just around the corner. Proper maintenance and pool closing techniques can help streamline the opening procedures in the spring, but without a pool cover, all of your hard work may be negated by the time spring arrives. Pool covers are relatively inexpensive, durable, and extremely convenient for pool owners braving the harsh Canadian winters. Here are a few reasons why pool covers are an essential part of pool closing procedures.


Algae growth is one of the largest contributing factors to a lengthy cleanup and reopening process in the spring. Properly cleaning, sterilizing, and balancing your pool before covering it can drastically reduce the number of algae you’ll have to deal with in the spring. Without a cover at the end of your pool closing process, algae are able to draw nutrients from the environment, allowing it to grow and spread rapidly.


Without a pool cover, your pool is susceptible to all sorts of debris from the surrounding area. From garbage to branches and anything in between, neglecting to cover your pool during pool closing procedures can make the reopening process much more complicated than it needs to be.

Ensure Safety

Most importantly, pool covers make the pool closing process much safer as we head into the winter months. Whether you are worried about kids, pets, or even wildlife, pool covers will prevent anything from falling into your pool over the course of the winter.

Winter Pool Closing: What You Need To Know

Winter Pool Closing: What You Need To Know

Despite everything Canada has to offer, we must face the unfortunate reality that the glorious spring and summer weather is only temporary, quickly replaced by subzero temperatures and heaps of snow. Backyard pools are one of the many luxuries Canadians enjoy once the warm weather arrives, but it can be hard to look past the hassle of opening your pool after a long winter. As disappointing as it may be, proper pool closing can make the painstaking opening process much easier in the spring. Here are a few pool closing tips to make for a much smoother transition into the warmer months.

Don’t close too early

Since algae thrive in warmer temperatures when water is stagnant, it’s important to begin the pool closing procedure after the temperature consistently remains below 18°C. Doing so will limit algae growth, making it easier and faster to clean and reopen your pool in the spring.

Drain all equipment

Pool equipment is expensive, and surprisingly delicate when in contact with ice and freezing temperatures. To extend the life of your equipment and avoid complications during reopening, ensure that your chlorinator, filter, pump, and heater are all properly drained when completing your pool closing checklist.

Get a pool cover

Last but not least, pool covers can help you streamline the pool closing and opening process, allowing you to hop back in as soon as the warm weather arrives. With a proper pool closing process and an effective winter pool cover, your pool will remain pristine over the cold months, allowing you to breeze through the cleaning duties when it comes time to reopen.

Elevate Your Outdoor Space with Interlocking Stones

Elevate Your Outdoor Space with Interlocking Stones

Each summer we are met with the same tasks of tidying the lawn, repairing driveway cracks, and patio maintenance. Many people look for long-term solutions that alleviate some of the updates and cleanups of early summer maintenance. One of the best ways is to invest in interlocking services. If you are looking for a way to enhance the aesthetic and long-term functionality of areas such as your driveway and patio, then interlocking styles may be the perfect fit for you!

Interlocking Driveways

Interlocking steps and interlocking driveways help to elevate the aesthetic of your entire property. This solution is all-weather functional and durable. There are three general groups, according to Synergy Contracting for interlocking driveways: natural stone, concrete, and brick. Each option creates a unique and distinct look but all require little to no maintenance. If repairs are required, majority of the time it is replacing a stone or two rather than a complete driveway repair as is necessary with asphalt.

Interlocking Patios

Patios with interlocking steps boast similar benefits as interlocking driveways: a unique and distinct design; low maintenance and all weather functional; and a durable and reliable investment. Clean stonework and world-class craftsmanship in design and installation of interlocked patios, done by Synergy Contracting will make your home an envy of your guests.

This summer invest in your property with interlocking services and interlocking steps by contacting Synergy Contracting, a company that insists on quality and focuses on the finest details to guarantee your satisfaction with the finished product!