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Bulk Road Salt in Oshawa

Bulk Road Salt in Oshawa

Oshawa has a long association with cars, so it’s only fitting that Draglam Salt, Canada’s largest bulk salt distributor has two locations in the city. The Oshawa Docks salt distributor provides bulk orders of salt to people and businesses in the area.


Oshawa Docks salt provider is located a few minutes south of Highway 401, and just north of Oshawa Harbour. For their hours you can refer to their locations page on their website. Currently the Oshawa Docks location is closed, but it will be open for the winter season which runs from November 15th to April 15th.

The Advantages of Bulk and Delivery

Since the Oshawa Docks location only provides bulk orders of salt, we’d like to tell you a little about the advantages of having a bulk order of salt delivered. Bulk orders are available from 1 tonne, up to 42 tonnes. Ordering from Oshawa Docks salt provider can save your business money. Having the salt delivered streamlines your winter maintenance routines and makes it more convenient.

Excess Salt

One concern you may have ordering in bulk from the Oshawa Docks salt provider is whether or not you will have excess salt at the end of the season. If you do not want to store remaining salt you can return it to several of their locations.

So if you need bulk salt in Oshawa, consider ordering from Oshawa Docks salt provider.

The Best Road Salt Suppliers and Delivery in The GTA

The Best Road Salt Suppliers and Delivery in The GTA

We’re all now experienced the wild snow and slippery sidewalks so far this winter. It can be dangerous walking around or even driving when the ground is slippery. Whether, it’s walking your dog or driving to work, the icy conditions can lead to you losing control. We often hear about accidents on the highway happening with multiple vehicles, often the primary reason is because the roads aren’t properly salted and one car begins to slip then the others pile up.

No on wants ever wants to be in a slippery situation. Draglam Salt is recognized in as Ontario’s Road Salt Suppliers specializing in delivery. With a minimum order of one tonne for Bulk Salt and Bulk Road Salt products, or one skid for Bagged Salt and Deicing Salt products – Draglam Salt is there to help! Ready 24/7 during peak seasons, their staff is prepared to help you with the best road salt suppliers for delivery. Available in Toronto, Vaughan, Kitchener and all across the GTA. Give them a call and they will ensure your salt needs are met.

For over 25 years, Draglam Salt has been leading in the icing business; offering not only your bulk salt needs but also environmentally-friendly alternatives. If you’re looking for more information find out more they do and order your supply today!