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Three Best Ways to Store Your Bulk Salt

Three Best Ways to Store Your Bulk Salt

Surviving the harsh Canadian winters can be tough, especially when faced with mountains of snow and ice-covered roads. Salt is high on the list of essential winter survival tools, as it is absolutely necessary protecting your home and roads from the dangers of ice.

Buying individual bags of salt can be expensive and time consuming, which is why bulk salt is a lifesaver. But where do you keep 1,000 pounds of salt once the grasp of winter begins to ease up? Bulk salt left out in the open can quickly deteriorate if exposed to moisture or heavy wind, so it’s important to store your salt properly. Here are the three most effective salt storage solutions:

  1. Tarps

Tarps are a cheap, effective, and easy salt storage solution, but can be a bit of an eye sore. This option is great for those with limited space, and it allows you to choose where to store your salt. However, tarps are not always ideal; they can get buried in snow, blown away in heavy winds, and can leave salt stains on your property.

  1. Storage Bins

Storage bins are one of the better ways to store your bulk salt. They’re sturdy, fairly inexpensive, and even portable depending on the bin you choose. However, they don’t hold much salt compared to other salt storage options, making you might need multiple bins which can quickly become inconvenient.

  1. Salt Storage Domes

Salt storage domes are by far the best option in this list. They’re affordable, built specifically for the purpose of salt storage, and can be easily moved or disassembled if need be. Salt storage domes can hold a large amount of salt if you require it for plowing or commercial purposes.

If you’re looking for bulk salt for your business or commercial property, contact Draglam Salt Ontario’s professional and expert rock and road salt supplier!

De-Icing with Experts at Oshawa Yard

De-Icing with Experts at Oshawa Yard

Draglam Salt has two locations in Oshawa, but unlike their Oshawa Docks location, the Oshawa Yards salt provider remains open all year long, and provides a variety of products. A notable de-icing product our Oshawa Yards salt provider carries is Landscaper’s Choice Ice Melter.

The Difference between Road Salt and Ice Melter

I recommend you speak to their expert staff at the Oshawa Yards salt provider to determine whether road salt, or Landscaper’s Choice Ice Melter is right for your needs. But here are a few reasons why you might choose to use Landscaper’s Choice:

  • Environmentally friendly. Landscaper’s Choice is Calcium Magnesium Acetate (CMA) rather than salt and has less of an effect on the environment.
  • Less Harmful to Vegetation. When used as directed Landscaper’s Choice is designed to work without harming trees, grass, or other plant life.
  • Won’t corrode metal. Landscaper’s Choice creates a bond between the surface and ice to prevent corrosion, eliminating corrosion – one of the frustrating aspects of using road salt.
  • Safer to use. A less corrosive formula also means that you don’t need protective clothing in order to use it.
  • Easier to use. The formula is designed to resist clumping so it disperses more easily.

When Road Salt is Your Preference

The Oshawa Yard salt provider still specializes in road salt because it combines economy and effectiveness that makes it indispensable for many businesses.

Visit Draglam Salt’s Oshawa Yard salt provider to learn about what de-icing products will best serve your needs.

Ways to Boost Your Snow Removal Business During Off Season

Ways to Boost Your Snow Removal Business During Off Season

For many businesses, it is normal to experience a fluctuation with the number of sales during any particular season, whether it’s due to holidays or weather related. For example, retail stores can see a peak with sales during Christmas while landscapers prepare for their busiest season around Memorial Day in Ontario. Adversely, snow removal businesses are on low season during the Spring and Summer.

If you own a snow removal business but aren’t taking on any landscaping ventures during the summer: what can you do during slower seasons? (besides waiting for things to pick up again?) Well, the fact that you do have some off time could be very beneficial for the business, the key is not to lose the momentum you gained from your busiest times.  

While your service is still fresh in the mind of your clients, use these tips for boosting your snow removal business during off-season:

  • Reach out to your customers with offers or discounts on early bookings for next year.
  • Improve your business’ efficiency by investing in a computer software program that will allow you to better manage your growing customer base next season.  There will be plenty of time during off-season to learn how to use the new software, input data, and train staff.
  • Create a referral campaign. Offer your existing customers some sort of benefit for referring another business to yours.
  • Revamp your pricing. Review your finances over the past season, compared to your competitors and consider whether or not your pricing model needs a few adjustments.
  • Restock your products and supplies. Being prepared for the following season is crucial to getting ahead of your competition. For those in the industry, they understand how salt shortages can be damaging for businesses.  

You can pre-order your supply of road salt from Draglam Salt by November 17th to guarantee supply for the following season. Draglam Salt is Ontario’s supplier of choice for bagged and bulk road salts, with strategically located depots for prompt service, including delivery.  To arrange supply of road salt for your snow removal business, contact Draglam Salt’s 24-hour service line at 1.888.907.SALT(7258).

The Many Reasons to Use Rock Salt

The Many Reasons to Use Rock Salt

Rock salt is a mineral called Halite, typically colourless or white, it is most commonly found in underground salt beds. While this all seems to be a return to high school science class, rock salt is an important and beneficial mineral. It’s actually one of the oldest, used minerals dating back to at least 3000 BC.

Rock salt has and continues to be used to treat many ailments such as an upset stomach, irritation from insect bites, soothing muscle cramps, and stabilizing blood pressure. Rock salt contains 84 out of the 92 trace elements required by the body including calcium, zinc, magnesium and others.

Despite the multiple ways rock salt can be used for the body, there are two most common ways people use it in their daily lives. One-way people use rock salt is a seasoning for food. Particularly, adding salt to helps certain molecules in food release easily, which also enhances the food aroma – an important factor to our perception of taste.

Another way is as a deicer. The composition of rock salt helps to melt ice, and stops snow and ice from bonding to pavement. Draglam Salt is an expert in rock salt and its ability to be used as a deicer. With over 25 years in business, Draglam Salt is Ontario’s supplier of choice for bulk and bagged salt. They carry a range and supply of  bulk salt, road salt and deicing salt products. For only the highest quality salt products, contact Draglam Salt at one of their numerous convenient locations.

The Difference Between”Deicing VS. Anti-icing?”

The Difference Between”Deicing VS. Anti-icing?”

Weather in Ontario can be very unpredictable and for those of us that work in the industry of snow removal, it’s a big job to manage these hazards in order to maintain safe conditions before, during, and after a snowstorm. Being extremely reactive and proactive is essential to the job.

Anti-icing is a proactive method that’s used to prevent snow and ice from bonding to surfaces on roads, driveways, walkways, and sidewalks. When the trucks hit the streets spreading road salt before we even see a hint of snow, you can be sure a snowstorm is about to hit and this would be a prime example of an anti-icing process.  Alternatively, there is a liquid calcium spread which is highly effective and currently one of the leading ways to  reduce the amount of icing and put some ease back into the job after a snowstorm.  

Deicing is a reactive method that typically involves the use of road salt or liquid calcium to melt the snow and ice after a snowstorm.  Of course road salt is the more common and traditional form of deicing that most household owners use as well. However, for those who are dealing with larger areas such as commercial properties, liquid calcium can also be used and applied to solids to speed up the process and make plowing much easier.
Draglam Salt is a reliable source and Ontario’s supplier of choice for bulk and bagged salt services. Call their 24-hour salt hotline to inquire about road salt delivery for your snow removal company.

What You Need to Know About Ice Melt

What You Need to Know About Ice Melt

Most people think that ice melt is merely an umbrella term for any product used for melting snow when in fact it refers to a liquid calcium spread used to de-ice solids. The reason for using an ice melt over rock salt is that it is the most effective method for lowering freezing temperatures of ice as low as -25 degrees Fahrenheit. It is fast acting and makes plowing large commercial areas faster, saving money and time.

There are a variety of ice melts available which all serve for different purposes.  Some you’ll even find are made to be environmentally-friendly and safer for people and pets.  If you are in the industry of snow and ice removal and are dealing with home or business owners that require special consideration for children or pets, speak with a professional and get advice on the best type of ice melt for this purpose.  
Draglam Salt is a reliable source and Ontario’s supplier of choice for ice melt and rock salt services. Snow and ice melt products including bulk salt, bagged salt, and liquid deicing options are available at wholesale prices for quick pick up and delivery. Call their 24-hour salt hotline and speak to a professional who will match you with the best options suitable for the job.