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Top 3 Winter Lawn Care Tips

Top 3 Winter Lawn Care Tips

No matter how much work you put into lawn care in the spring and summer, you can bet that the effects of winter will take their toll on all of your hard work. From the subzero temperatures to thick layers of snow and ice, winter weather is a constant threat to the life of your lawn, especially in Canada.

However, with proper winter lawn care techniques, it’s possible to mitigate the harsh effects of winter weather, making for a bright and healthy lawn when spring rolls around. Here are the top 3 winter lawn care tips that will ensure your precious lawn bounces right back once the snow melts:

  1. Rake fallen tree leaves 

If fallen leaves are left scattered across your yard, the lawn will not get the light or oxygen it needs, meaning it will eventually die over the winter. In order to preserve your lawn for the winter, raking up fallen leaves before the first snowfall is a great winter lawn care tip.

  1. Aerate your winter lawn

Similar to excess leaves and debris in your yard, a lack of oxygen and moisture can cause damage to your lawn over the winter. Consider aerating your lawn as part of your winter lawn care preparations.

  1. Fertilize before it snows

One of the most important winter lawn care tips is fertilizing your yard before the first freeze to top up nutrients and kill any pests. Once the temperature drops, the fertilizer will remain in the soil and feed your lawn’s roots all winter long.

3 Reasons Why Commercial Landscaping Is Important

3 Reasons Why Commercial Landscaping Is Important

There is great value in having a presentable indoor office space, for both employees and visiting clients, but a well-manicured outdoor space is also greatly important. Clients, prospective employees, business partners, and those passing by will often a judge a company (if their logo is outside) by the presentation of the building and commercial landscaping. Some may not see the value in investing in professional commercial maintenance but in addition to the curb appeal, landscape design matters. Here are 3 reasons why commercial maintenance of landscape design is important:

Preserve Nature

In many industrial office spaces, there will still be trees and plants because it helps create an important balance. Green spaces are proven to help humans relax, and they also add a pleasing aesthetic to industrial architecture.

Employee & Visitor Safety 

Ensuring that walkways are stable and clear is of great importance for daily traffic and building retaining walls, if necessary due to the natural landscape of the area, helps protect from any natural shifting of eroding soil.

Management of Natural Elements

Along with guaranteeing employees and visitors have easy access to and from the office it is important to know how to manage natural elements, such as storm water. Landscaping can be planned in a manner to safeguard from excessive amounts of water by developing an adequate runoff system.

Landscaping is done best when it reflects your business’s’ brand identity and when you hire a full service and reputable company. Contact Cedar Grounds Maintenance to discuss your customized project!